2018 Best Puppy Winners


With CC's

No CC's

Knox & Jakins'  Terne Des Coris Qalimero At Coolfin (Imp Bel) NAF 7 1
Martin's Laoirebay Steel Blue Ocean 3 2
O'Connor's Dalcross Dancing Queen with Caispern 3 1
Peacock's Spiralwood Summer Rose 2  
Ball & Harrison's Laoirebay She's Leaving Home to Soirrudh 1 1
Humphries' Spyefire Secret Agent 1 1
Barney’s Romaunt Carry On Regardless with Verrami 1  
Hart's Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at Gilliegrae 1  
Tattersall's Carrick Shadow Dog At Alanea (Imp) 1  
Hawkins' Aislin Of The Roner Fields (Imp NLD)   1